Our infrared sauna will help support the natural detoxification process by purifying the body of toxins, improve circulation, lower blood pressure and reduce recovery time. Infrared waves penetrate 1.5”-2” into the body stimulating a relaxation response of the muscles and tendons, calming the nervous system. We suggest 3-4 sessions per week for optimal results.


The radiant heat from the infrared sauna surrounds you and penetrates deeply into your joints, muscles and tissues increasing oxygen flow and circulation. This treatment increases circulation, nourishes damaged tissue and pulls chemicals from fat storage. Easily sweat out toxins, increase your metabolism and feel very relaxed. A wonderful addition to any spa treatment.

Single Sessions of 30 minutes: $40

Club pricing: $144 per month for unlimited Infrared Sessions
$194 per month for Unlimited Salt and Infrared Sessions

Packages Available

3 Infrared Sessions

30 minutes each
$108 (10% savings)

6 Infrared Sessions

30 minutes each
$204 (15% savings)

9 Infrared Sessions

30 minutes each
$288 (20% saviangs)

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