The Men's Guide to Botox

The aesthetics industry is definitely seeing a rise in the number of men who are seeking non-invasive treatments to maintain a youthful appearance. Treatments like Botox and Dysport injections among men have become more mainstream and some have even felt more compelled to undergo these treatments not only to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging  but in order to gain a competitive edge in the workplace as well. 

These treatments have become so popular among men that it has even gained its own title… “Bro-tox”- a term I feel sure you have heard by now!

“Bro-tox” is a quick and easy treatment where Botox/Dyport is injected into certain areas of the face in order to prevent wrinkles from forming or soften/improve fine lines and wrinkles that may already be present. 

Oftentimes men think Botox/Dypost= a frozen face; however this simply isn't the case. Movies and television shows have exaggerated the results of neurotoxin treatments, making people, especially men, more hesitant to have these treatments done. Quite honestly I can't blame you guys! I don’t want my face to be completely frozen either! We believe in improving one’s appearance while maintaining his/her natural appearance and movement. 

Not to worry guys..I have good news! Botox/Dysport works by “relaxing” muscles (not paralyzing them completely). There are patients who want a more “frozen” result, while others request that more natural movement and lines remain. That is the beauty of neurotoxin injections- they are specifically tailored to each individual’s wants and needs. The final result comes down to the dose administered and the placement of the injections, making it super important to go to a well trained and knowledgeable injector. 

The most popular areas for “Bro-tox” are: around the eyes for the prevention or softening of crows feet, between the eyebrows to improve frown lines (aka the “11’s”), and in the forehead to soften lines in this area, prevent more from appearing, or prevent deepening of the lines already present. These areas are treated in a very specific and individualized manner in order to maintain masculinity (if that is the goal) while creating a softer, refreshed, and more youthful appearance. They do not alter one’s appearance, they only improve it and help prevent signs of aging. 

Father’s Day is around the corner. I think all the Dads out there could use a nice little refresh! Book your consultation and/or treatment today so we can discuss your goals and treatment options. 

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